Amora - League of Angels

Year made: 2014


I was hired by Reality Squared Games to make this costume from their popular MMO, League of Angels! I am very flattered that they liked my work enough to give me this wonderful opportunity. I was given a choice of characters and all the artwork is so beautiful, but Amora's design stood out the most to me. I loved how her skirt was made of roses and rose petals. That and I like making costumes with the color red, and as her name suggests, she is the goddess of love.

This costume took me about a month and a half to complete. The materials came in slowly as I ordered fabrics from different places. I also went with a more cream color instead of white for personal asthetics. I was told that I could take artistic liberties when creating the costume, so that's why I opted out of making her belly criss-cross and added a modesty panel in the front of the skirt. I took out the criss-crosses in the stomach part mainly due to to me having such a short torso. I made a mock up and pinned it to the dress, but didn't like how it looked. It also made me look shorter for some reason. So instead I sewn silver chain to the red parts coming off of the top. I also added satin ribbon (which I made myself) coming off of the back with a big cluster of roses to accent the back of the skirt.

Amor pieces are constructed out of craft foam, except for the little cherubs in her hair. I tried casting resin gems for this costume but I could only resin that cured white so I opted to use gems I found at the craft store, and I sculpted the giant gem on her leg piece out of super sculpey and painted it. I really wish I could have sculpted and cast my own gems for this costume. Perhaps someday I shall for a different costume!

Materials Used:
Red Casa Satin - top, lining of the skirt
Cream Casa Satin - Ruffles on hips, trim, ribbon
Rose Sculpted Satin - Skirt
Craft Foam - armor pieces

**Wig styled by myself**




*Photos taken by Jason Kim*


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