Ash Ketchum - Pokemon Black & White

Year made: 2011


My coworker Cindy had found out that I made costumes as a hobby. Once she found out what kind of costumes I made she was really excited and asked me if I could make an Ash Ketchum costume for her young boy for Halloween. I couldn't say no! I've always wanted to make an Ash Ketchum costume! This was a very easy costume to construct and it only took me one day to make it.

I made the jacket for him, and also added the pokeball symbol to a trucker hat. He didn't want the gloves so that's why they are missing. The pikachu was purchased by his mother to go along with the costume.


Materials Used:
Dark Blue & Light Blue Fleece - Jacket
Yellow & Black Bias Tape - Detailing on the jacket
Blue Felt - Pokeball symbol on the hat


*Photos taken by me*


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