Bambi - Bambi and her Pink Gun

Year made: 2009
Cons worn to: n/a


This manga is so full of violence and is so very punk rock! I love it! I picked it up about 2 or 3 years ago, but I still haven't managed to get the 2nd volume. Bambi is such an odd character. She only drinks spring water (has to be fresh, not from some factory where a waste plant is near by), eats carrots, and also eats powdered protein so as not to stain her "beautiful, pure body". She also is a virgin and a cold blooded killer. I doubt many people will know what it is I'm cosplaying from, but that's all the more fun! I get to educate people!

Everything was found at the local thrift store and I just added random punk patches and buttons I had to the shirt. I also frayed the edges of the jeans by cutting a bit of the hem and sanding it with sand paper. The eybrow ring is a fake spring loaded clip-on that stays in place with a bit of fake eyelash glue. Her outfits change so much throughout the manga I just kinda mixed some together. About the only things that stay consistant are her jean shorts and her nike shoes.

I still need to get a Desert Eagle airsoft gun and paint it pink.. She's just not Bambi without her pink gun

Materials Used:
Demin Shorts
Pink button up shirt
Random Patches/Buttons

**Wig styled by myself**


*Photos taken by me*


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