D.Va - Overwatch (Gremlin/Box/Halloween Spray Ver.)

Year made: 2016
Cons worn to: Fanime 2017


I made this for my husband for his company's Halloween party/costume contest. He had wanted me to make this for him for a while, but I decided to bite the bullet and make it for him, hoping he'd win -- He didn't. ;P

I got a bunch of boxes from Staples and just started cutting all the shapes out. I then hot-glued everything together, reinforcing it on the inside with duct tape. Once everything was assembled I spray painted the whole thing (haphazardly) with hot pink spray paint. Once it was completely dry, I then painted on the details using acrylic paint. For the purple and green pieces I used craft foam that was stuck on using a spray adhesive. I also added small tap lights on the front and back of the costume and cut up translucent plastic aqua file folders to go on top of the lights. (I was secreltly hoping that this gimmick would win my husband the costume contest... because who doesn't love a costume that lights up?! Even if it is just a shitty cardboard costume...)

For extra goofiness I made him wear his belt that I velcroed an empty Mt. Dew bottle and an empty Doritos bag that I filled with poli-fil and sealed shut with hot glue. My husband liked the costume so much he even wore it to BlizzCon and Fanime. I'm glad he enjoyed it!

Materials Used:
Cardboard - Main body, arms, legs
Purple & Green Craft Foam - Detailing
Tap Lights - Jets on back of main body, guns on arms




*Photos Taken by Darkain Multimedia*

*Photos Taken by some guy at Telltale Games*

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