This to That - Chibimoon Wig Tutorial

-1 "Innocent" wig in Perky (from amphigory.com - this wig is already parted in the back with a skin part)
-2 packs of Pink Ice silky straight kanekalon extensions (from doctoredlocks.com)
-Styrafoam Wig Head
-Scissors (nice sharp ones! no dull ones!)
-Got2b hairspray & hairglue (aquanet hairspray works fine too)
-Flat iron/straightening iron (I use a Revlon Ceramic plated iron)
-Blow dryer
-Hot glue gun (preferably the one with a high heat and low heat setting)
-Glue sticks
-Wide toothed comb
-Small travel brush with soft plastic bristles
-Hair elastics (I used the clear ones, you can buy them at WalMart for a little over a dollar)
-2 styrafoam eggs (I got mine at Micheal's. Use which ever shape/size you prefer)
-Small curlers
-Clear caulk
-Teasing Comb
-Razor Hair Cutter (you can get these at Sally's for a pretty darn good price)

-and lastly... PATIENCE!

First I'd like to say how big of a project this was for me. Chibiusa has always been my favorite anime character of all time. I have never made a wig like this before, so it was rather frustrating and confusing. That is why I would like to share it with all of you so you can skip that feeling of unsureness and thinking "I can't do that". Yes, you can. If I can, then you can.

Straightening the Pigtails

Start off by pinning your wig securely to the wig head.

Take one pigtail and let the hair loose.

Put your hair straighter on a low setting and start straightening little bits at a time. This is very time consuming and hectic, especially because of those stupid little curls. I hate curls.

This is one of the hardest parts ever. It would be easier if you had a friend or someone to help you with this step, or else it's going to take a while to do. So since I straightened out all the hair, it was REALLY long and kinda fuzzy at the ends. I tried to put it up in a high pigtail, and it was messy. So I put it up in a temporary pigtail, cut it a bit shorter (almost half the original length) and then undo the pig tail, and put it up again in a high tight pigtail. I used a small plastic brush to do this with. Most people won't recommend brushes, but this worked well. Don't use a big honkin' brush with metal teeth. Find a small brush, like a travel one, that has soft plastic bristles. Then spray the heck out of the pulled hair underneath the pigtail with hairspray. I used got2b, but aquanet works fine too.

Repeat for the other side.

I let a few bits of hair in the front to add to the bangs for more coverage on the sides. They will be cut/trimmed later and used for Chibiusa's side curls.

Stub Your Wig

I was realllly hesitant to cut the cute pigtails off, but I had to. I used 2 clear elastics to keep the stubs up and to keep all the fibers even before I cut them.

So here you go, stub that mofo. STUB THAT MOFO GOOD. Make sure to try to make the hair even at the top of your stub!

Add clear caulk on top of the stubs. Keep your finger wet while mashing the caulk into the stub. Make sure you get all around the stub so it seals up nicely.

You will now have one odd looking wig. Try not to get too upset that you just cut those cute little pigtails off that you worked on so hard to straighten. Just keep thinking to yourself how awesome its going to look when you are finally done with it.



... At least that's what I did when I started to panic.

Making Odango

For the odango's fibers to match the wig fibers I simply used the hair I cut when cutting the pigtail's length in half.

Next, get out a large shoe box lid, extensions, glue gun (on the low heat setting), glue sticks, little travel brush with plastic bristles, a steak knife, 2 egg shaped stryafoam balls, clear hair elastics, clear caulk, scissors, hairspray, and a disposable chopstick.

Step 1: Carve a small whole (about the size of a dime) in the top of your styrafoam ball using a steak knife, start spinning the knife in a circular motion, as you dig down deeper. once you get that one done, go to the wide part of the styrafoam ball, and carve a bigger hole, big enough so the stub of your wig can fit inside. Test them over your stub once the caulk has dried. You may want to make it wider if you plan on using the hair tails of your sailor moon/wicked lady wig to go inside. I'm using a different method for my chibi moon pigtails. (To make the hair tails, seal the extensions similar to what I'm about to do next)

Step 2: Take your extension hair and rubber band it at the tip, trim the edges even much like you would when you stub your wig, then add hot glue to the stubbed end to seal the hair. After that's done, you want to add some hot glue to the top of the odango and stuff that extension in there.

Step 3: Now, you want to take pieces of the hair and glue them to the sides of the odango. You do this by taking your hot glue gun, and gluing a small strip of glue to the odango, then taking a small section of your extensions, and laying it on top while smoothing it out with your fingers. For every inch of hair that I lay down I use hairspray to keep it in place. Once I have about an inch width of hair all glued and hairsprayed down, at the ends I hot glue them inside the odango. I used my fingers for this at first to hold the hair down, but that's a realllly stupid idea as I burned my thumb. I ended up getting a throw away chopstick and used that to push the hair down in place.

Step 4: Repeat step 3 until your odango is completely covered in hair. My dumbass didn't use enough extension hair to wrap completely around on my first odango, so I had ended up stuffing more hair into it to complete the wrapping. It looks OK, but on the second set of odango I learned from my mistake.

Now you have a lovely set of odango!

Adding the Pigtails & Styling

This is exactly what I did for my Chibiusa tails.
If you have a better method, use it and please share! I'm not sure if this is the best, but it ended up working for me.

Here's what that looks like IRL:

Hot glue your odango onto the stubs, and wrap a small piece of the extension hair around the base and caulk it in place.

Now after that all drys, you want to style your bangs however which way you like. I styled mine by splitting the bangs horizontally, having the top layer or hair pulled back as I teased and curled the hair underneath. This makes it work much better since the wig has no skin top near the bangs. For the curly q's I just used got2b hair glue and bobby pinned the middle together and sprayed with hairspray. Once done, I reinforced the connecting point of the curl with thread and tied it in a knot. Style your pigtails as you see fit. I tried several methods, but teasting worked rather nicely and looked the best.

Big thanks to Charmedseed for her guide on how she made her sailor moon wig, and also big thanks to GarnetFlight for sharing her ideas on how she made her wig.

Hopefully this tutorial is helpful for you, and that it makes you confident in styling your own wigs!

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