How to make a High Ponytail Wig
**-- as seen in CosplayGen issue 1 --*

-Wig Cap
-Round Brush
-Lots of Bobby Pins
-Hairspray (optional)
-Large Butterfly clip
-1 ponytail elastic (clear or of similar color to the wig)
-2 Wigs of the same color (one for the base, and one for the ponytail)






Since I do not have much knowledge on how to go about making a proper ponytail using extensions, wefts, and stubbing I used this method that requires none of those things. This was a quick and easy fix to my high ponytail dilemma for Yoko's hairstyle.

At the time I couldn't find a wig in the right color with clip on ponytails for this costume. Nowadays you can easily find pigtail or ponytail wigs that come with pre-made clip on ponytails in many different colors on eBay -- however, if they aren't the right color, length, or as full as you like, you can use this tutorial to create your own.

Let's Get Started! -- Making the Ponytail

Step 1. Start off by taking the wig you want for your ponytail and open it up to where you can see all the netting.   (For my ponytail I am using a Punk XL wig in Red from Cosworx.com)

Step 2. Take front top part of your wig and fold about 1/4 of it in towards the wig net.

Step 3. Once you have that one fold it in half like a taco shell.

Step 4. Get out your big butterfly clip and start to insert one side of the claws into the netting of one of the folded edges. Make sure it's in the netting or else your clip on ponytail slip off and not work.

Step 5. Repeat step 4 for the otherside making sure the claws go into the netting of the wig.

Step 6. Close your butterfly clip clearing all the hair out of the way and combing the hair around the claw neatly. Comb out the rest of your ponytail.

Now you have a neat clip on ponytail that's ready to be used!

Attaching the Ponytail to Your Base Wig

Step 7. Put on your wig cap and pin it securely to your head. Try to cover up as many hairs as you can on the sides of your head as well as at the nape of your neck.

Step 8. Put on your base wig over your wig cap and secure it on your head with plenty of bobby pins. (I like to put a few on the sides of my head above my ears, at the nape of my neck, and on the top near the bangs). Once secured, brush the hair that you want into a low ponytail and wrap it up into your hair elastic. Spray you base wig with hair srpay to help keep your pulled back hair looking smooth if desired.  (For my base wig, I am using a Femme Fatale in Ravished Red from Amphigory.com which I have straightened and cut bangs into)

Step 9. Flip your low ponytail up and pin it in place using your bobby pins to the back of your base wig.

Step 10. Carefully clip your clip on ponytail over your flipped up ponytail at your desired height. Proceed to pin your clip on ponytail to your base wig thoroughly so the ponytail will stay in place and not fall off. Your wig will be pretty heavy! Add whatever accessories to the wig that you may have to decorate it.

Now you have a wonderful high ponytail wig!


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