Cutie Honey - Re: Cutie Honey

Year made: 2009
Cons worn to: Anime Central '09
Awards won: Showcased on Cosplay.com on 7/19/2010


I've always been a fan of magical girls in general, and I have been a fan of cutie honey since highschool. I didn't watch much of it except for a few episodes here and there thanks to my friend Tony (ToeSama). I really like her new character design in the OVAs. I used my old Komachi wig for this costume, and razored it up a bit and minimal amounts of hairspray and viola! The top was rather challenging. I just did it on a whim out of existing materials that I had lying around. The pants are made from an old pair I had back in early highschool. I just cut and altered them and added the heart in the front. HONEY FLASH! Pink resin heart gems casted by Kyandi.

Materials Used:
Red, Yellow, White, and Black Vinyl - shirt, gloves, backpiece

**Wig styled by myself**




*Photos taken by LJinto*


*Photos taken by MonkeySensei*


*Photos taken by Deathcom.net*


*Photo taken by Anna Fischer*


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