Dejiko - DiGi Charat

Year made: 2003
Cons worn to: SugoiCon 2003, OhayoCon 2004


This costume is so comfortable to wear. Roomy,and the kitty boots are very padded! I like how the apron turned out, along with the kitty boots. This was one of my turning points when making costumes. When I made this one I thought I was gonna give up on making costumes all together. I got a lot of compliments on this cosplay, which boosted my confidence in making costumes, and helped me continue cosplaying.

Materials Used:
Blue & White Cotton Fabric - Apron and dress
White Faux fur - Hat, tail, mittens, kitty boots
Pink, Black and Green Felt - Ears and eyes on kitty hat
Large Bells - Hat ornaments
Blue Ribbon - bows on hat, tail, and boots

**Wig styled by myself**


*Photos Taken by Lionel Lum, NeonGE, Eurobeat King, and me*


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