AnnaPuma - Dominion: Tank Police

Year made: 2009
Cons worn to:
Anime Central '09, Anime Central '11


Last year before Ohayocon, cosplayer Jia*Jem had asked me if I wanted to do this cosplay with her. I flipped out I was so happy! These costumes are SUPER 80's with the low plunge v-neck and the big hair! Who could say no? I was in charge of making the bodysuits and styling wigs, while Jia was in charge of accessories (gloves, boots, armor, etc.) and Daguru made our guns. It was an absolute blast being able to cosplay with Jia! I had loads of fun! We were really surprised by how many people actually recognized the characters we were cosplaying as.

I'd have to say my absolute favorite part of these costumes are the awesome shoulder armor that Jia had made. Those things freaking rock! They are all sparkly and spikey~ I felt so badass wearing this, like, HARDCORE MOFO!! The shoes are snazzy as well. I hope I have another chance to wear this with Jia again, it just wouldn't be the same wearing the costume solo.

Materials Used:
Red Metallic Spandex - bodysuits, armbands
Faux Fur and Craft Foam- ears

**Wigs styled by myself**




*Photos taken by Kyle Johnsen*


*Photos taken by Shiroin*


*Photos taken by LJinto*


*Photos taken by Carroll Kong*


*Photos taken by Deathcom.net - editing done by me*


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