Felicia - Darkstalkers

Year made: 2002
Cons worn to: SugoiCon 2002, IkasuCon 2003
Awards won: Best Performance at IkasuCon 2003


I love cat girls so much that I couldn't pass her up! Darkstalkers is one hell of a fighting game for PS1. Felicia is just so cute, and loves attention! This costume was rather difficult, seeing as the fur parts had to be pinned to the body suit while I was wearing it. OUCH. I had help from my mom on this costume also, seeing as this was my 2nd cosplay and I wasn't too good at sewing. I love how the kitty boots turned out! They rock! The only thing I didn't care for was that this costume is really hot to wear.Fur gloves and boots, tights and the body suit made me sweat a lot.

Materials Used:
White Faux Fur - Gloves, boots, fur strips, ears, collar, tail
Model Magic - claws
Gold bell - collar ornament

**Wig styled by myself**


*Photos Taken by Merle-Kun, and me*


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