Felicia - Darkstalkers

Year made: 2008
Cons worn to: Anime Central '09


I have been wanting to re-make this costume for quite some time now. She is one of my absolute favorite characters dispite her skimpy appearance. In the first game she wanted to be a movie star, and in following darkstalkers/vampire savior/night warrior games, she took care of children and disquised herself as a nun because she thought her appearance would scare people and they would call her a freak and what not. I've been a long time fan of the game, and I remember playing it a lot in the old arcade in Northgate mall (which is no longer there) along with Marvel vs Capcom 2. Felicia and Q-bee where always my choice characters, and I sitll play them today. I always loved her up-beat, perky personality. I took a few artistic liberites in making this costume more modest. There was no way I was going to glue strips of fur to my body. D:

Since Felicia wanted to become a movie star, I wanted to add a few glittery hints to the costme. The claws are made from red fimo with red glitter in it, and pink insides of the ears are made with pink glitter stiff felt. It doesn't show up well in photos though, but I like it rather much. I'm using 3 different types of fur for this costume. Short - for the paws/feet/body fur, Medium - for the collar, and Long for the tufts of fur on her wrists, feet, and ears.

The wig came pre-styled off of eBay from reflections23. It was a drag queen wig actually, and they sell them in lots of different colors and styles. My friend Micha had bought it for a late birthday present for me. Thanks Micha!!! <3 I simply added the light blue extensions.

Materials Used:
White Faux Fur - Gloves, boots, fur strips, ears, collar, tail
Fimo - claws
Felt - paw pads, ears

**Wig styled by Reflections23, light blue extensions added by me**




*Photos Taken by Benn Robbins*


*Photos Taken by me*


*Photos Taken by TheRealLink*


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