Galactic Gal

Year made: 2009 [Halloween]


My friend Claire and I wanted to dress up for Halloween this year and have matching costumes. We thought of a few ideas, but alien girls where stuck in our heads!

We wanted these costumes to have that cheesey feel like old horror/space movies from the 50's/60's had. We immediately thought of micro mini skirts with gaudy waist belts. We picked the corniest of fabrics that we could find - stretch velvet with gold glitter all over it. Hideous, but so spacey! Oh, and don't forget those dollar store laser guns!

Claire made our scarves and cut out our dress pieces while I sewed the dresses and gloves. We both fit our own dresses to our bodies.

**Wig prestyled by COSPLAYWIG**

*Photos taken by me*


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