Hotaru Shidare - Dagashi Kashi

Year made: 2016
Cons worn to: Anime on Display 2016


My husband and I enjoy watching this series together, and he wanted me to cosplay Hotaru so badly for AoD -- so I pumped this costume out within a week and a half!

I used McCall's M7197 for the skirt. I altered the waistband to be thicker, and I took 3 inches off of the bottom hem. I used McCall's M7071 for the blouse, altering it slightly.

The blouse isn't 100% accurate since I didn't have the yoke of the blouse go around the back neckline like Hotaru's does in the show. I suppose I could fix that now, but I was pressed for time while making it. Instead of doing pin tucks like Hotaru has on the yoke of her blouse, I faked the look using single fold bias tape. The base shoes I bought on ebay and addedd the ankle/leg straps. I also removed the main strap and replaced it with my own, making it attach with a snap instead of a buckle. The gold suspender clips were really hard to find. I managed to salvage them from suspenders I got on sale at Macy's & Goodwill. It was nearly impossible to find any suspenders with gold clips! They all have silver toned ones!

The wig was a bit of the pain to style since I had to not only cut the bangs to length, but also cut around 5inches of the bottom of the wig all the way around. Thinning shears are my friend! I don't think it looks bad, but it definately would look better had it been the proper length in the first place.


Materials Used:
White Sateen - Blouse
Black Peachskin - Skirt
Red Polyester - Neckbow

**Wig bought from Epic Cosplay Wigs - styled by myself**




*Photos Taken by BlizzardTerrak*


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