Hyper Witch Mugi-Mugi Deluxe - Nurse Witch Komugi-chan Majikarte

Year made: 2005
Cons worn to: SugoiCon 2005
Awards won: Best Craftsmanship at SugoiCon 2005


Hardest, most complicated, and most expensive costume I have ever made! A lot of time, sweat, blood, and tears went into this thing and it certainly paid off! I simply adore this costume~ The hardest things to make where the dress itself, the ears, and by golly those crazy shoes! The cut of the skirt is a weird shape, and the underskirt as well. I had more trouble with the white underskirt because of all those little triangles. Cutting out 2 layers of fabric was pure hell for that. The pants are attached to the shoes to give it that "swoosh" look -- same as in the anime. The underwear even have the cute bunny on the backside ^_^ No detail was left out. I also got around to making the wand for this costume to give it its finishing touch.

Materials Used:
Black Stretchy Flare Pants
Pink Cotton Underwear *teehee*
Pink and White Cotton Fabric - Dress and underskirt
White, Black Acrylic Paint - Cross Symbol and Bunny faces
White spray paint - Bunny shoe color
LOTS of paperclay - For Bunny shoes, bunny hair ornaments, wings, and armor.
Sculpey and Glass bead - Necklace Charm

**Wig styled by myself**




*Photos Taken by me*


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