Isabelle - Animal Crossing (Green Dress ver.)

Year made: 2017
Cons worn to: Fanime 2017


I first saw this design of Isabelle's in a Japanese commercial for the new Nintendo DS featuring Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. I thought it was the cutest thing! Then I found out when I had bought the game Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival that you could unlock this costume, and eventually they even came out with an amiibo card for it! I *knew* I had to make the costume since I already had the wig and tail from a previous Isabelle cosplay that I had made.

I originally wanted to make this costume in 2016, but I ended up falling off the wagon and didn't get around to making this costume until a year later. I used the Simplicity 4015 pattern (the same pattern I used for my Koyori cosplay back in the day!) and ended up using the same flanel fabric as I did for my previous Isabelle cosplay's vest. I had to custom dye it to match like I did with the vest too.

The costume in the game did not have a bow in the back, but I added one because I thought it would make it even more adorable than it already was! I ended up using batting and interfacing to make the back bow super puffy, and I used batting in the hair bow as well. I drafted my own patterns for the bows and the peter pan collar. I also ended up putting a white cuff around the puffy sleeves to go with the white collar and white petticoat.

Since I thought the costume had a sort-of 50's vibe to it, I decided on wearing saddle oxford shoes and made my own lace socks. The wig and tail were re-used from my previous Isabelle costume. The leaf brooch is made from thick green craft foam that I hot glued a pin back to.

Materials Used:
Flanel - Dress, hair bow
Green Cotton - Back bow, trim around stomach
White Cotton Sateen - Collar, sleeve cuffs
Green Craft Foam - Leaf Brooch

**Wig styled by me**




*Photos Taken by Darkain Multimedia*


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