Juri Han - Super Street Fighter 4

Year made: 2012
Cons worn to: PAX East 2012, PAX East 2013
Awards won: 1st Place PAX East Madcatz (SUN) Cosplay Contest


So Juri is pretty much one of the most awesome Street Fighter characters ever. She's crazy, evil, and has an awesome hair-do! I was also attracted to her right away due to her awesome color scheme. She has all my favorite colors in her outfit!

I found out while looking at reference work that there were a lot of inconsistencies. So I picked aspects that I liked best and went with them. (For instance, in the game Juri doesn't have buckles on her top's straps, and in artwork she does) I had the kind of fabrics that I wanted to use already in mind and it was fun going out and trying to find them. I wanted a lot of texture instead of flat colors of the same types of fabrics.

The top is a combination of a purple stretch knit with pink vinyl and black vinyl with a nice leather texture. It is kept stiff by using heavy fusible interfacing. Each dome stud was set by hand because I don't own an awesome bedazzler. The wig was by far the most difficult wig I've worked on but I love how it turned out!

Materials Used:
Purple Knit Fabric - Top, armwarmers, purple bottoms
White Stretch Cotton- Pants
Black & Pink Vynil- Details on top, belt, and pants
White Model Magic- Skull

Sculpey - Hair rings

**Wig styled by myself**




*Photos taken by Benn Robbins*


*Photos taken by LJinto* - **NEW**


*Photos taken by GQBravo*


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