Kira Daidohji - Arcana Heart

Year made: 2010
Cons worn to: Anime Central 2011


She is my favorite character from the fighting game series. She is a child prodigy who earned her doctorate at age 10 in Elemental Science at a prestigious American university. Kira became embittered with the world around her when she was forced to return to elementary school upon returning to Japan. Because of this, she became arrogant and condescending, and she has come to the conclusion that her only remaining option is to embark on a quest for global domination (plus she wears a sukumizu and randoseru? HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!). She also sometimes wears a labcoat in the endings of the game.

This is pretty much just a closet cosplay. I used my sukumizu (swimsuit) from my previous Komugi cosplay, the wig is from I-no, and the randoseru (backpack) I got off of a Japanese auction site for 15 bucks. The cat ears are made by me and are completely hand sewn. I also made her little recorder pouch that is sticking out of her backpack.

Materials Used:
Red Randoseru
Black fur and fleece - cat ears
Beige vinyl - recorder case

**Wig styled by myself**


*Photos taken by me*


*Photos taken by Jason Kim*


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