Magical Teacher Komachi - Nurse Witch Komugi-chan Majikarte

Year made: 2006
Cons worn to: Anime Punch 2006


Komachi is SUPER cute and such a brat! Even though she has a devious side, she ends up being an alright girl. I made this costume with fleece, that way it is extra comfortable. I wish there were more cosplayers out there who cosplayed characters from Komugi. I am very attracted to the artwork of Komugi and Popotan. Poyoyon Rock just has one of those anime styles that stands out above the rest.

Materials Used:
Blue Fleece - Dress and hooded capelet
White Fleece - Tear drop decorations and trim
Paper Clay - Octopus decoration, painted with acrylic
Wooden Star Cut-Outs - Ornaments on capelet. Painted with acrylic.
White Thigh Highs

**Wig styled by myself**



*Photos Taken by me*


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