Koromaru - Persona Q

Year made: 2016
Worn to: Telltale Games Halloween Party 2016


My husband's work was having a Halloween costume contest not only for employees, but for their pets as well! I had been wanting to make this costume for Jinro ever since I laid my eyes on Koromaru in Persona Q. I just thought my precious doggie would be perfect for cosplaying Koromaru!

I made the shirt from a child's polo shirt that I got at Goodwill. I ended up cutting it up and sewing a shirt from it. The black detail stitching is done with embroidery thread. The back ties up with closing panel made out of the collar of the polo shirt. I even added little eyelets for the cording to thread through.

The wings and collar are made from thick craft foam, while the bulbs on the collar are made from gashapon capsules that I painted on the inside with spray paint and glitter. The arm band is made from some left over satin fabric I had from my Chibimoon cosplay. I hand painted the logo on it as well.

Jinro didn't mind being in costume at all! He was such a good sport for his first cosplay. The only thing he didn't care for was going to get judged at my husband's work and having all his adoring fans crowding him. He didn't end up winning the contest, but we love him anyway~♥

Materials Used:
Child's Polo Shirt - Shirt
Black Embroidery Thread - Detail stitching on shirt
Craft foam - Collar and wings
Gashapon Capsules - Bulbs on collar
Red Satin - Armband




*Photos Taken by me*


*Photos Taken by some guy at Telltale Games*

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