Lime - Saber Marionette J

Year made: 2001
Cons worn to: SugoiCon 2001


My first cosplay ever - and it shows. Man look at those photos! I don't have any better ones than that! Ahhh memories. I love Lime; her and I have a lot in common. I decided to cosplay her for my first anime con. Saber Marionette J was my abosolute favorite anime at the time, so the costume was a must. I had a lot of help from my mother on this one. Many thanks goes to her for helping me bring this character to life!

Materials Used:
White & Yellow Cotton Fabric - Shirt, trim, bandana
Styrafoam ball - ornament on head, jewel on shirt, painted with acrylics and glitter.
Brown gloves

**Wig styled by myself**


*Photos Taken by Lionel Lum, and me*


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