Luna - Sailor Moon S the Movie

Year made: 2015
Cons worn to: FanimeCon 2015


Fanime was fast approaching and I wanted to make a new project. Originally I wanted to make Wicked/Black Lady from Sailor Moon, but I couldn't find the perfect fabric so I opted to do another dream costume of mine instead -- Human Luna from the Sailor Moon S movie. I have always loved this design and I felt I was up for the challenge!

I went looking for yellow casa satin at my local Joann Fabrics and was lucky enough to find a really yellowy yellow! I found some other yellow satin that just wasn't bright/vibrant enough, so I really lucked out finding the perfect yellow locally! I ended up using the same pattern as my red Panty dress, but altering it so the sides of the seams flared out a bit more on my mock-up. I kept the length long on my mock-up so I could draw out the squared bottom hem with tailor's chalk. Once it was marked out to my liking, I then cut all the extra fabric off, seam ripped the dress apart, then cut out the pattern out of my satin.

The black skirt was a pain due to all the circle skirts I had to cut out. In all the bottom skirt consists of 25 yards of fabric! 15 yards of tulle, and 5 yards of organza! The skirt is made up of 1 full long circle skirt, and one half of a short one for the front. This gives it tons of ruffles, and is gathered by an elastic waistband. The organza on the top layer of the skirt is sparkly and has glitter all over it, which reminds me of space! The layer of tulle underneath is glitter tulle, with 2 layers of regular black tulle below that. The bottom layer of the skirt is a super shimmery black organza. Each layer of the skirt is french hemmed. The puff balls on the front and back of the bodice are made with black glitter and regular black tulle ribbon. I found a tutorial on YouTube on how to make tulle poofs for gift decorations, and it worked great!

For Luna's accessories I decided to make the moons in silver tone instead of gold because no matter where I looked, I couldn't find nice gold crescent moon pendants. I also found a really lovely gold chain at Michael's that had white rhinestones on it, and so I felt as if the blingy silver moons would match well. The large moon pendant I found at a jewelry shop in SF's Japantown. It originally had an owl attached to it, but I removed it with plyers. The smaller silver moon pendant on my anklet was bought at Michael's. The moons on my earrings were taken off of Sailor Moon gashapon charms. A SUPER HUGE THANK YOU goes to Slyphy Seams for my forehead moon! I was looking all over for those plastic gemstones and couldn't find them anywhere so she offered to give me one she casted herself! It adds the perfect touch to the whole costume!

Materials Used:
Yellow Casa Satin - Bodice, ribbon collar
Black Organza - Skirt
Black Tulle - Skirt
Black Tulle Ribbon - Poof balls

**Wig bought pre-styled from Ayanamisatoru on eBay**




*Photos Taken by Darkain Multimedia*


*Photos Taken by Blizzard Terrak*



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