Maetel - Galaxy Express 999

Year made: 2011


I was asked if I would do a costume commission for my friend's girlfriend's birthday. At first I was hesistant, but since it was a simple enough costume, I agreed. As stated on the front page, and contact page, I don't normally do commissions, but for friends I'm willing to make an exception (specially if they live near by and can come over for a fitting!) I was so happy to hear how excited she was when she found out that I had agreed. At first, he tried to keep it a secret from her, but with me needing measurements, that proved to be a challenge.

I chose thick, luxurious fabrics for this costume as I wanted only the best for her. Plus, if I was to use cheaper materials, the end result wouldn't have looked as nice, plus the fabrics probably wouldn't drape quite as nicely as well. In the end I had broken 4 needles, cut 2 fingers and spent hours upon hours sewing fur trim on by hand. I think the dress looks lovely, and I can't wait to see her in it!


Materials Used:
Black Velour Fabric - Dress, Capelet
Black Polyester Fabric - Capelet lining
Black Faux Fur - Fur trim on dress, Hat, PomPoms
Black Cording


**Wig Purchased from COSPLAYWIG on eBay & styled by me**


*Photos taken by me*


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