Meroko - Full Moon wo Sagashite

Year made: 2003
Cons worn to: ColossalCon 2003


When I cosplayed Meroko, few actually knew who I was. A lot of people had mistaken me for Rabi~en~Rose. This character is fairly popular to cosplay now. What attracted me to ther was not only her spunky attitude, but her outfit! Top hat with bunny ears? How cool is that?! This costume is definately not my best seeing as it was my 3rd cosplay ever to be done, and ew... crushed velvet :P

Materials Used:
Red Faux Velvet - Shirt, skirt, boot covers, hat
White Faux fur - Bunny ears
Wide Black Ribbon - Trim on gloves and hat
White Lace - Trim on skirt, shirt, gloves, and hat

**Wig styled by myself**


*Photos Taken by me*


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