Mink - Dragon Half

Year made: 2006
Cons worn to: IkasuCon 2006

Awards won: Best Presentation (Journeyman) at IkasuCon '06


I've been wanting to cosplay Mink ever since 8th grade! I finally got around to it, and I'm glad I waited, seeing as my skills weren't as well developed back then. I'm so happy with how it turned out. My friend Micha made the wings, tail, and horns for me. They are constructed out of foam rubber and painted with acrylic paints. They turned out wonderful and I couldn't thank her enough for all her help! Mink is such a cool character, and people should cosplay from this anime more often. Time to bring the OLD SCHOOL anime back!

Materials Used:
Light Blue Cotton Material - Shirt, and arm warmers
Blue Bikini Bottom - (I custom dyed those ^_^)
Thin Sheet of Foam Rubber - Covered with spray adhesive and gold vynil for shoes
Funnels - Covered in paper clay, and spray painted for chest armor
Can Huggers - Painted and altered to make gauntlets
Sculpey - Used for broach

**Wig styled by myself**




*Photos Taken by me*


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