Morrigan Aensland - Cross Edge

Year made: 2014


I was asked if I wanted to join in on a beach shoot with OscarC Photography and I really wanted to join in! However, I really didn't have a costume that was really right for the setting, so I decided to make one! I already had the materials for Morrigan's bikini left over from other costumes. I know it's not 100% accurate because I left her head wings on, but I didn't want to ruin the ones I made by removing them from my wig. The costume was made in a total of 2 days. This was a really fun project!

The bikini is made from 2 different foil dot lycra fabrics, but used on the wrong side out. The shiny part of the fabric is on the inside! The bat pattern is made from a really thin black lycra cut into bat shapes and heat-n-bonded on. The necklace pendant was sculpted by me and cast out of resin. Her bat leg tattoo was drawn and colored on my leg using a body art marker.

Materials Used:
Purple Lycra - Bikini top and bottoms
Black Lycra - Bat pattern, ties on top and bottoms

**Wig bought from Epic Cosplay Wigs - styled by myself**




*Photos Taken by OscarC Photography*


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