Panty Anarchy - Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

Year made: 2015
Cons worn to: Spring KrakenCon 2015, FanimeCon 2015


I was asked to be Spring KrakenCon 2015's cosplay guest and I wanted to make a new costume for the con. I didn't have a lot of time to make something elaborate as I had an event going on around the time they asked, and I also concentrated a lot on making crafts for the vendor's booth they offered me. I wanted something quick and simple, and since I already had the wig and the contacts I figured why not Panty's red dress?! I had most of the materials left over from Amora anyway so all I needed to purchase was the shoes and her accessories.

The dress took 2 days to complete. I used a basic princess seam summer dress pattern, and to make it extra nice I made it fully lined on the inside.

Materials Used:
Red Casa Satin - Dress

**Wig bought from Ayanamisatoru on eBay - styled by myself**




*Photos Taken by Lionboogy*


*Photos Taken by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography*


*Photos Taken by Darkain Multimedia*


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