Puchiko - DiGi Charat

Year made: 2004
Cons worn to: IkasuCon 2004, SugoiCon 2004


Puchiko is so cute and has a quick wit. That is what attracted me to do this cosplay. This costume was rather simple since the boots, tail, and hat are made practically the same as my Dejiko's accessories where. The feet were easier to make this time around, and felt more comfortable also. Would you believe the hardest part of this costume was finding a giant yellow ball for Gema? I looked everywhere, then I finally found one a week before the convention. Then, what would you know -- I popped it. (-_-;) Luckly a few days before the convention I found another one at the same store, but at a different location. I hated putting the trim around the sailor flap. Satin ribbon isn't easy to work with. Other than that this was a fairly simple costume. I feel what makes this costume is the wig. I was suprised how the hairs that were sticking up stayed, and how such a simple thing as a wig can make you look younger.

Materials Used:
Blue, Green & White Cotton Matieral - Shirt, shorts
Lt. Brown Faux Fur - Tail, hat, kitty boots
Lt. Pink and Drk. Brown Felt - Ears and stripes on tail, hat, and boots.
White Ribbon - Trim of sailor collar
Jingle Bells - Hair ornaments

**Wig styled by myself**


*Photos Taken by Fansview, Lionel Lum, Rogue & Flexei, and me*


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