Q-bee - Darkstalkers

Year made: 2013
Cons worn to: PAX East 2013, FanimeCon 2014
Awards won: Corsair Cosplay Contest Prize winner


I've been wanting to make a Q-bee costume for the longest time. However, when I first thought about making it (2003-2004) I didn't feel as if I could do it justice. Now 10 years later I felt I was up for the challenge. I always wanted to have the black eyes like her, so I sucked it up and bought sclera lenses. Totally worth it. (Yes! Those are contacts, they are not photoshopped in!)
She is one of my absolute favorite characters, and I feel like she doesn't get enough love.

The wings are made from wire and pantyhose with acrylic paint for the veins. I think these could have been done better, I made them 3 days before the con.

Everything was pretty much made with a 4 way stretch foil dot spandex. The yellow details are made with stretch velvet. I really wanted to go with a shiny fabric because insect's exoskeletons have a sheen to them. I'm happy with the contrast between the 2 fabrics. The antenna on the wig are made with crayola model magic and wire. The eyes are just foamies covered in fabric. The bee-butt is made from the spandex and stuffed with newspaper and polyfil. I also went with 2 different purples because in some sprites in the game, her tights are a lighter purple than the bodysuit.

The giant fork and knife were just kitchen wall decorations that I found online. They are metal too!

2014 - I remade my wings out of layers of posterboard and cellophane! I think they look much better! Also I got to wear this outfit with Daydreamer Nessa as Felicia!

Materials Used:
Spandex - Tights, leotard
Model Magic - Antenna
Stretch Velvet - Yellow detailing

**Wig bought from Epic Cosplay Wigs - Custom dyed & styled by myself**




*Photos Taken by Jason Kim*     [Felicia = Daydreamer Nessa]


*Photos Taken by AzHP Photography*     [Felicia = Daydreamer Nessa]


*Photos Taken by Eurobeat Kasumi*     [Felicia = Daydreamer Nessa]


*Photos Taken by D.I.S/C Photography*     [Felicia = Daydreamer Nessa]


*Photos Taken by Ljinto*


*Photos Taken by Benn Robbins*


*Photos Taken by Darkain Multimedia*


*Photos Taken by Anna Fischer*

*Photos Taken by Sweet Sensation Photography*


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