Rabi~en~Rose - DiGi Charat

Year made: 2004
Cons worn to: SugoiCon 2004, Ohayocon 2005


I really like this costume, because its so fluffy and cute. I tried to make the skirt as accurate as possible, and the shoes are really pretty for this one too. This took about 2 weeks to finish completely. This costume was suprisingly difficult when it came to the double skirt and big bunny tail. The tail often weighed the back of the skirt down, and the bow never stuck out how I wanted it to.

Materials Used:
Pink Cotton Material - Skirt
White Faux Fur - Tail and tears
Fuzzy Car Dice - Hair ornaments
Maroon Felt - Hair bows
Maroon Ribbon - Arm & leg decoration, trimming and bow on shirt

**Wig styled by myself**


*Photos Taken by Fansview, DeathCom.net, Eurobeat King, and me*


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