Raspberyl - Disgaea 3

Year made: 2007
Cons worn to: n/a


Pink wig, cute horns, demon tail and wings? Who could resist?! She's got such a cute character design that I just *HAD* to cosplay her. I'd say I got a lot of practice sculpting from model magic. It can be quite difficult to smooth it out once you have your basic shape. The pattern for the sailor collar and sweater itself was made by me. The skirt is a Simplicity pattern that I had to reverse in order to get the pleats pointed in the right direction. This was my first attempt at a pleated skirt, and I can say that I don't look forward to the day where I will have to make another one. I also don't like my wrist cuffs. A few screenshots from the game didn't make them look all the way rounded so I made them based off of those shots. They look like water wings .. (-_-')

Materials Used:
Hot Pink Vinyl - Tail, Shoes, Cuffs
Black Sweater Material - Shirt
Model Magic - Horns, Skulls
Craft Foam - Wings
Black Tights

**Wig styled by myself**




*Photos Taken by me*


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