Ritsuko Akizuki - iDOLM@STER (Characro Maid ver.)

Year made: 2017
Cons worn to: Fanime 2017


The lovely DaydreamerNessa asked me to be a part of her awesome Idolmaster Characro Maids group for Fanime. I was so honored she asked because it is always a treat to get to cosplay with her! I also finally got to cosplay with some cosplayers I have admired for YEARS on the internet back when I was still living in the midwest. I had a blast!

At first I was afraid that I wasn't going to be able to cosplay this character because no matter where I looked locally, I couldn't seem to find the right fabric in the right color. I ended up finding the perfect fabric (although it was a bit on the thin side for my liking) while shopping with Nessa in her part of town! It was a super shiny costume satin, but I ended up using the wrong side of the fabric so it wouldn't be so blindingly shiny in photos. It was really difficult to sew because of how thin and slippery the fabric was, but the color was dead-on so I can't complain.

The cincher, apron, and butt bow were patterns that the awesome Sparkle Pipsi drafted. I used Nessa's costume for constuction refference so I'd match perfectly with other costumes in the group. For the black dress I used the McCall's M7281 pattern and shortened the hem line on the pencil skirt. For the tie I used a pattern that I found online, and the shirt is just a shirt from goodwill that I replaced the long sleeves with puffy ones. Socks were bought from H&M, while the shoes are from a previous cosplay.

The wig is my old Catherine from Vainglory wig that I styled into an up-do and added the ahoge. The hairclip in the back was just a cheap one from Daiso that I covered in the matching green satin fabric.

Materials Used:
Black Cotton - Dress
Green Satin - Cincher, tie, bow, buttons on shirt, ruffle on apron
White Cotton Sateen - Apron
White Cotton - Puffy Sleeves

**Wig styled by me**




*Photos Taken by Darkain Multimedia*



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