Sailor Chibi Moon - Sailor Moon S

Year made: 2014
Worn to: NorCal Spring Cosplay Gathering 2014, FanimeCon 2014


This costume was a long time coming. I have been wanting to make this since I was in middle school. Chibiusa has always been my favorite character. I know a lot of people don't care for her but Chibiusa often has mature moments and sometimes says some pretty wise stuff. "Sometimes you have to get on your own white horse and go find your charming prince!" Although Sailor Moon SuperS is my absolute favorite series (and the movie too!) I like Chibi Moon's fuku in S better. I think I just like the solid colors more and think that her super version has too much white/not enough contrast.

I used the Green Pepper Crystal Lake Sating Outfit Pattern F813 and also used Sparkle Pipsi's and Cupcake Cosplay's Sailor Fuku tutorials as a guide. I also used NyuNyu Cosplay's glove roll tutorial! The glove, bow, and sailor collar patterns were drafted by myself. Thank you Daydreamer Nessa for the tips on sewing the gloves!

The skirt, sailor collar, and bows are made from casa satin while the bodysuit is made from a nice matte lycra. The boots were bought off of ebay and I drafted patterns for the toppers and altered the boots with them. I also had to take in the back seam of the boots because the calves were too big for my legs. The wig is a wig I styled YEARS ago, but I tried to add a bit more poof to the bangs and tails. Head gear was bought from ProCosplay on Amazon.com, and the tiara is a Catzia tiara. My brooch was 3D printed by my friend Maddie who hired a 3D artist to make the model! I originally had told her to print it at a 3 1/2 diameter and when I got it I realized I made it too big, so I took a dremel and took off about a 1/2 an inch around the brooch and sanded the edges smooth. The paint job is done with gold spray paint, glossy acrylic, metallic acrylics, and also glitter acrylic paint.

Materials Used:
Pink Casa Satin - Skirt, glove rolls, sailor collar, choker, bows
Matte White Lycra- Leotard, gloves

**Wig styled by myself**




*Photos taken by Jason Kim*


*Photos taken by BlizzardTerrak*


*Photos taken by Darkain Multimedia*


*Photos taken by SurfSama*


*Photos taken by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography*


*Photos taken by Colm Gavin*


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