SonSon - Marvel vs Capcom 2

Year made: 2011
Cons worn to: KitsuneKon 2011
Awards Won: Best in Show at KitsuneKon 2011


I 've been wanting to make this costume for a very long time, and after the 2010 holiday season, I managed to get my hands on some gift cards that helped fund this costume. SonSon is an awesome character that doesn't get much love. She is a character in the Marvel vs Capcom 2 video game, and she's based off of an old Capcom gamed named "SonSon". She's the main character's granddaughter.

I enjoyed working with bias tape properly for the first time ever. Although, I did take a shortcut with some inverted corners. Clearly, on the reference image to the right, she has a a white border along the bottom and split as well, but the actual video game spirtes, she doesn't have a split, nor a white trim. I just mixed the two together and decided not to do the split, but added the white trim. Yes, I'm lazy ;P

The wig isn't as accurate as I'd like, because I'd like to add the nice widow's peak hairline, but I didn't have any matching extensions. I did manage though to take off a small weft from the back of the wig near the nape of the neck and attach it to the underside of the front hairline of the wig; that way, when I combed back the hair, the netting and wefting wouldn't show.

Materials Used:
Red Cotton/Poly fabric - Jacket
Brown knit fabric - Pants
White bias tape - White Trim on jacket and pants
Brown Pleather - Obi
Faux Sheeps Wool - Trim on obi
Brown Faux Fur - Monkey tail
Tan curtain Cording - Obi Tie
Model Magic - Longevity peach, crown(headband), end caps on staff

**Wig styled by myself**




*Photos taken by Claire Iverson-Burt*


*Photos taken by Ryan O'Connor*


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