Panty - Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt MangaStrip

Year made: 2012
Cons worn to: PAX East 2012 / Anime Boston 2012


Jenni (Mostflogged) asked me to be the stocking to her Panty for PAX East/Anime Boston 2012. In 2014 I wanted to bring an extra costume along to Fanime with me and decided to wear my old Stewardess Stocking with a new Panty wig!

Jenni bought the fabric and shipped it to me along with a pattern for the jacket. We both made our own jackets and skirts, while I made our hats and wing pins/patches, and Jenni painted our shoes along with making our scarves. This costume is really comfortable except the heels! I'm such a klutz in any type of shoe with a tall, skinny heel!

I loved wearing this costume with Jenni, however I was not happy with my wig. It was not liking the wind that day and was tangled to hell and back. I *knew* I should have added more oil sheen to help with the tangling, but I was pressed for time. I also made the slit on my skirt on the wrong side -- that's what I get for working on it at 3am in the morning!

Materials Used:
Black Cotton- Jacket, skirt
Pink Single Fold Bias Tape - Pink stripes on jacket & skirt
Sculpey - Wing Pins

**Wig purchased from MoeMall on eBay, bangs cut by me**




*Photos taken by GQBravo*


*Photos taken by LJinto*


*Photos taken by foto.fong*


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