Stocking - Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

Year made: 2011
Cons worn to: n/a


I wanted to do more than one Stocking costume and I thought this would be rather quick, fun and easy to do. I have to say that this is my most easiest costume ever. Everything was pretty much bought at local stores. When out at Target with my friend, I found a swimsuit that was pretty much an exact match. However, I did alter it by taking of the red and white stripe ties, and sewing the bottoms sides together. The stripes in between the blue stripes where originally white, but I noticed in episode 9 of P&SwG that the stripes were a light blue instead, so I dyed them using a hot water dye bath, a bit of salt, and RIT dye in Aquamarine. Easy enough! The glasses where bought from Ragstock, the bracelets I already had, and the hibiscus clip-on was purchased on eBay. I bought the leis as well, but instead of keeping them like they were I combined them with another lei to make them fuller. I also added lobster claw clasps to them so they can be taken off easily.

I made the Honekoneko plush for my previous Stocking cosplay. I love how in different episodes he will have outfits to match Stocking's, so I just *had* to make the little speedo for him and the lei.

**Wig purchased from MoeMall on eBay, bangs cut by me**




*Photos taken by Jason Kim *


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