Umaru - Himouto! Umaru-chan

Year made: 2015
Cons worn to: n/a


I fell in love with this character as soon as I watched the first episode on Crunchyroll! She appeals to my inner otaku and loves Cola, chips, and Takenoko no Sato like I do!! To make this costume was a MUST!

The hooded hamster cloak was super easy to construct and was drafted entirely by me. It is made out of fleece while the white parts are made out of fuzzy white felt fur. I used craft cover buttons to make the mouth and whites of the ears. The nose is a plastic safety nose. Eyes and eyebrows are just cut from felt and glued on with fabri-tac.

The shirt was found at my local Goodwill and taken in by a few inches on the sides. The shorts were originally leggings I bought from Sears. They were then cut and sewn to the correct length. The wig was bought from Epic Cosplay wigs and was originally a very wavy wig that I straightened. I cut some of the fibers in the front of the wig a bit shorter to help frame my face, and be more accurate to Umaru's hair when she is not chibified.


Materials Used:
Orange Fleece - Hooded cape
Black Felt - Eyes
White Fuzzy Felt Fur - Mouth, inside ears

**Wig bought from Epic Cosplay Wigs - styled by myself**




*Photos Taken by Jason Kim*


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