Unagi - Popotan

Year made: 2005
Cons worn to: IkasuCon 2005, SugoiCon 2005


I have a weakness for cute animal girls. Unagi caught my eye when I bought the popotan series. I watched her at the end, and loved her personality. She's so cute and she knows it! This costume was rather simple, but caused such a headache b/c of the actual design of the shirt. I didn't know weither to make it a extra larger shirt or to go with a different idea. Of course I went with the more simple idea and used a pattern for a regular sized shirt and altered it a bit. I love how the tail sticks out and bounces around when I walk. This costume is one of my favorites. I even have fangs like unagi does! When she says "una una" its awfully catchy! I found myself saying it a lot when walking around the convention halls. My metal ankle tag was made by a friend of mine at a former place of work.

Materials Used:
White Cotton Fabric - Shirt
Orange Canvas Fabric -Trim and cuffs on shirt
Craft Wood Picture frames - For large buttons
Purple Acrylic Paint - To Paint the wooden "buttons"
White and Black Faux Fur - Ferret ears and tail
Sculpey - For molding the ears and making the white button on the shirt
Red Ribbon and Bells - Tail Decoration

**Wig styled by myself**




*Photos Taken by Fansview, iCosplay, and me*


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