Vicki Vixen - The Ned the Dead Show

Year made: 2009


So up here in Green Bay there is a television show that I was asked to be a part of. They liked my costumes and my personality. I was very excited to be apart of this!

They wanted me to create a costume based around 50's/60's cigarette girl pin-ups and also mixed with a touch of anime (thus the sailor collar was added). Also they figured to add fox ears due to the fact that around here it's called the Fox Vallies due to the Fox River. I thought it mixed well with the whole "anime-ish" theme, so I added them.

The big hair-do fit the 50's/60's theme, and also the "rattiness" of it fit the grindhouse theme of the show.

This outfit is of my own design based on specifications given to me by the director/producer. The wig was custom colored, cut, and styled. My favorite aspect about this costume is the fox ears and the tiny hat!! So cute! The material I used was one that is commonly used in prom dresses. I wanted a nice shiney "rich" feel to it, while being stiff enough to keep its shape. Only downside is, the material wrinkles really easily. I hate that damned skirt.

Cast List (9th picture left to right): Evil Eddie, Dr. Moreau, Ned the Dead, Small Town Steve, and me as Vicki Vixen!

**Wig styled by myself**

*Photos credited to the original photographer* (whose name I can't remember for the life of me)


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