Sewing with PVC

-PVC Fabric
-Wax Paper
-Sewing Machine






I do not own a teflon foot so this is the method I go about sewing through PVC (vinyl). I love sewing with vinyl because not only is it a challenge, but because I learn something new every time I work with it. I found that wax paper is cheap and effective way of keeping the fabric from sticking to the machine while sewing.

Hopefully you find this short tutorial helpful in your adventures of sewing with PVC!

Let's Get Started!

Step 1. Start off by folding your hem and placing a strip of waxpaper over the folded hem.

You don't really want to use needles to pin your hem down as needles make permanent holes in PVC.

Set your machine's tension (I keep mine at about a 2 or 3 when sewing with vinyl).

Set your stitch length and type. (I am using a straight stitch at about a 2.5 stitch length).

Put your presser foot on the down position on top of your vinyl and wax paper.

Step 2. Guide your hem through the machine as you are sewing. Your wax paper should help the vinyl glide through the machine. If needed, apply a little pressure while guiding the fabric through. Don't force it through! You could possibly damage your machine! Keep your other hand on your hem keeping it folded and flat. Stop the machine when needed to keep folding your fabric over to keep a nice even hem.

Step 3. Once you are done sewing your completed hem, fold your wax paper and gently rip it off from the seam. You may have stray pieces of wax paper stuck inbetween stitches. Just remove them with your fingers or a set of tweasers.

Now you should have a nice looking hem on your PVC fabric!

Normally I would have put some sort of stiff interfacing and backing on this belt, but since it was for Halloween, I didn't bother.

Top Stitching

Follow the same basic steps as above when top stitching.

In the image to the right, I had actually pinned my red PVC flames to my black PVC. This is because the wrong side of the red PVC would slip around on the right side of the plack PVC. Normally, you would not want to do this so you don't have tiny holes showing in your fabric. If you do use pins try making your pin holes very close together so you can cover them up with your top stitching.

I hope you have found this tutorial helpful! Sewing with PVC can be daunting, but with practice it becomes easier each time you do it.

Happy sewing!


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