Yoko - Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann

Year made: 2008
Cons worn to: Anime Central '08

Awards won: "Looking Outrageously Lovely" - ACP's Gurren-Lagann Contest


This costume was so much fun to make. I love working with vinyl although its a love/hate relationship. This time I used wax paper to sew a lot of the seams, and that trick worked so the stuff wouldn't stick while I was sewing. Major thanks to Animeisha for donating the studs for my belt, and also major thanks to Kyandi for not only providing me with red vinyl for my flames, but also casting my gems for my wrist bracers as well! They came out beautiful! I found the boots on electrique boutique and altered them myself.

Sadly, the gun wasn't made in time for the convention. My friend Jordan volunteered to make it, but aparently he either didn't or just couldn't finish. Whatever the reason, I finished one myself for the American Cosplay Paradise Gurren Lagann contest. It is made out of: 2 cans of Navy Blue Spray paint, Pink spray paint, Yellow & Black acrylic paint, PVC pipe & random pieces, Sprite Bottle - for the green plastic used on the scope & lenses, Plastic suction cup dart - for the inside laser pointer, Toy Gun, Foam board, Poster board, Googly Eyes, D-Rings, Metal Hook Screws, Duct Tape, Packing Tape, Model Magic, Cup, Joystick, Paperclay, Craft Foam, 20oz. Coke bottle top, Super Glue, Epoxy, E6000, Vitamin Water Caps, and Super Sculpey.

-- Back in 2010 I revamped parts of my Yoko costume for ConComics in Guadalajara, Mexico (gloves, skull clip, and shorts). I was unable to wear the costume there due to time restraints. Yoko is one of my favorite characters so I decided to purchase a new wig and contacts and get new photos taken.

The new wig is from Arda Wigs called Jeannie in the color Apple Red.

The new gun was bought from OwlDepot and was a collaboration between her and propmaker Fabian.

Materials Used:
Black Vinyl - Gloves, shorts, and top
Red Vinyl - Flames on top
Acrylic Paint - Flames on boots
Craft Foam - Giant zipper bulls, and zipper teeth
Fleece - Neck warmer
Grosgrain Ribbon - Trim on neck warmer
Sculpey - Hair skull

**Wigs styled by myself**




*Photos Taken by me*


*Photos Taken by Benn Robbins*


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