Chibiusa - Sailor Moon SuperS

Year made: 2008
Cons worn to: Anime Central 2010


I have been a HUGE fan of Chibiusa ever since I started watching the Sailor Moon R series. Admittingly, she was rather annoying back then, but I think it was due to a lot of reasons, the main one being her english voice actor at the time. In SuperS she matures a lot, and her love for Helios is just too sweet! I was such a big fan infact, that I had ran one of the biggest Chibiusa Shrines online at the time. It was known as "Eternal Pink", and featured a wide selection of images and activities. It mainly focused on Teen Chibiusa from SuperS ep 158 where PallaPalla reverses Usagi's and Chibiusa's ages. I own so much Chibiusa stuff it'll make you sick! From cels to figures, plushies to purses... I just love Chibiusa! This has been a dream project for me. Hopefully there will be more Chibiusa costumes to come!

Materials Used:
Blue Cotton Fabric - Skirt and bow
Red Cotton Fabric - Bow
Hot Pink Ribbon - Trim
White Cotton Fabric - Sailor Collar




*Photos Taken by me*


Artist Chibiusa - Ep 135 Sailor Moon SuperS -- *Photos taken by me*


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