*New Photos*

*New Photos*

*New Photos*

*New Photos*



Welcome to HezaChan.com! Thank you for visiting.
Here you will find photos and descriptions of award winning cosplays I have made along with art samples.


♥ - Heading to Anime Expo 2014!
Hey everyone! I'll be attending my first ever Anime Expo this year! I'm super excited because I'm finally going to meet some people I've been admiring over the internet for years -- not only that but they are having so many awesome Sailor Moon events going on as well! I'll be wearing my Chibi Moon again for sure, as well as bringing 2 new costumes -- Miki from Idolm@ster (Forever Star ver.) and Morrigan from Darkstalkers. Hope to see you there!

♥ - HUGE New Photo update!
I have gotten lots of photos back from Fanime from wonderful photographers Darkain Multimedia, D.I.S/C Photography, Surfsama, Eurobeat Kasumi, AzHP Photography, Colm Gavin Photography and all the way from Australia, JMJ83!

Click the thumbnails on the left to see the photos!


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Do you make all of your costumes?
Yes. Every one of my costumes is made by myself. I also style my own wigs. However, my Mink's wings, horns, and tail were made for me as a gift by the lovely Micha. (She's super talented.)

If I don't make a wig myself, it will be mentioned in the description of the costume, along with the comissioner's/styler's name.

Do you sell any of your costumes?

Why not?
Because most are worn down and broken anyways. Also, they are my creations and I can't seem to let myself get rid of them.

Do you take commissions?
NO COMMISSIONS. However, I do sell custom made plushies and cellphone/jewelry charms at my etsy shop from time to time.

What conventions will you be attending?
This is never known. It all depends on money and travel. If you want to find out, your best bet is to check my Facebook Page around the time of the convention you are wondering about.


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